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Bad cramps from too much candy

I had some very sharp cramps last night. I hadn't eaten anything all day but I had been sucking on butterscotch candies all day long because I am getting over a sore throat and the candies sooth and coat my throat. I also seriously overdid it on throat spray which causes my stomach to cramp up really bad if I overdose on it. By the time I got invited to go out to a bar with my friends, I still hadn't eaten anything except for about two dozen butterscotch candies and a big overdose of throat spray.

We stayed at the bar for several hours and I drank lots of club soda with lime because I didn't want to drink with my throat still sore.
It was at the bar that my stomach started cramping up. At first it was gentle enough that I could keep the pains shooting through my insides to myself. I put one hand on my stomach and rubbed and pushed at it a little bit. But after all that club soda, I realized I needed to pee really badly so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. The door was locked so I waited and that's when the cramps really hit hard. 

A cramp stabbed through my gut like a heated knitting needle, making me suck my breath in and wince. Three more cramps came in rapid succession afterwards, so fast that I couldn't collect myself in between them. I was leaning against the wall and clutching my tummy and panting, trying not to make noises that would call attention to myself. Someone came out of the men's room and hit me with the door. They apologized but I was so cramped I couldn't speak and could only offer a polite smile in return. Then some more cramps bent my body. My hands were trembling and I could feel a thin sheen of sweat on my face as I could do nothing but hold my stomach tightly and rock my upper body back and forth, whining a little bit very quietly, almost under my breath. I wanted nothing more than to empty my bladder, which felt like it was about to burst from all the club soda and was making my sugar-induced cramps even worse. What could be taking that woman so long in the bathroom? 

Just as I was about to get bold and use the men's room, the door to the women's opened and two women came out together. I wonder what they were doing in there? I bolted myself in and so gratefully relieved the pressure from my bladder. Since I hadn't heard anyone trying the doorknob, I stayed in just a little longer, doubled over and hugging my stomach tightly, rubbing and squeezing at my belly until the cramps eased enough to go back and join my friends. 

I had some more mild cramps for a while, sitting at the table, then came home. When I got home I decided I ought to eat since I hadn't had anything all day. I ate a small bowl of pasta with vegetables and then the cramps hit again, twice as hard this time. I was sitting in a chair when they hit me and I doubled over, my hair falling down in my face, my knees rising up, my breath coming out in hot pants, struggling past the waves of pain. But now that I was home, I didn't have to hold back and so I rubbed my poor tummy, stopping to clutch it desperately when another wave of cramps slammed through me, moaning "oohhhhhhhhhhh!" and "oh! oh! oh! oh! oh!" as the cramps were almost overwhelming to me and I could hardly stand it. 

The agonizing pain scooped me up and made me into a rag doll, unable to do anything but hug my tender stomach in my arms and gasp for air and tremble all over my entire body from the sharpness and incredible ache that took over my entire being. My whole world became my stomach, swollen from the abuse of all that sugar and throat spray, painfully bloated from gas and the club soda, hard and demanding. Oh! It was sheer agony! 

Finally I was able to stagger to the bathroom, bent over from the pain, and I sat there crying softly in between cramps and whimpering, then groaning and suffering through knotted up cramps that felt like a vise crushing my insides. Emptying my bowels felt like hot knives in my gut but once I was through, the pain started to ease up a little bit although it was still worse than it had been at the bar. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind and covered in cold sweat and absolutely drained of all energy. I shakily got up and went to bed where I curled up in the fetal position and nursed my aching tummy until I finally went to sleep. 

This morning I feel much better but I don't want to eat a thing. Especially not any more candy! Oh! Just remembering it hurts!
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